Stage 1

Welcome to the SFG Team Training videos. Follow the instructions below to complete your training in the proper order and communicate with your mentor as you complete each section. 
Please Note:  If you are newly Licensed; you may not yet have a login for Symmetry U; where you will also complete the Fast Track Training (Only).  You can create a login here: 

Step 1: Watch the Following Videos to understand our Core Values and Expectations of Successful agents
Step 2: Download and print out the documents below the video
Step 3: Watch the Phone Training Video to learn how to use our phone script and make dials correctly
Step 4: Download and Print the documents below the video
Step 5: Listen to the recordings for more advanced training on the phones
Step 6: Watch the Buying and Printing Leads video to learn how to use opt to manage your leads
Step 7: Let your mentor know that you are finished watching the videos and are ready to purchase your first set of leads and he or she will schedule a goal-setting call with you to help you reach your goals

Four Cornerstones

Core Values

4 Keys to Success

Steps to Agency Owner

Success Tools

Join our Dial Team

Live Dialing Buddies on Fridays 8-8 (except during Team Call at 3 EST) and Saturdays 9-Noon
Always open

Phone Training

Before you start dialing; it is VERY important that you memorize your script.  We all start with the BEST Script; as this is the backbone for Symmetry's success over the years; developed through trial and error of our Founders who have decades of experience in the industry.  We imitate BEFORE we Innovate.  You will see in the videos and audios; slight variations in the scripts used but this is done by Leaders who have become experts on the phones and have then innovated slightly to match their own personalities.  You will get to that point too.  Remember poor results on the phones is rarely due to the script.  It is not What we say; but our confidence, belief, and HOW we say it.  Good Luck!

Phone Training


Contact Metrics

Additional Documents


Mastering the Phones with the Masters - Part 1 - The Masters
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Phone Training - Miranda Martin, Ben Miller, John Ziller
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Phone Skills - Eileen Balmer
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Buying and Printing Leads

Schedule your Phone Training

After you have completed the Stage 1 training and memorized the script; your next step is to get on the schedule for the next Group Phone Training; which is done on Thursday evenings (8 PM Eastern) as needed; using this email link:  I'm ready to do my phone training
You will receive an email by Wednesday letting you know if the training will take place that Thursday or the next. 
Please note: if you are using a web-based email client; then send an email to with the words Phone Training in the Subject.